catching up

March 7, 2014

Lets get down to the nitty-gritty

January - we got a VAN. Seriously, I never imagined the day that we would choose to buy a van. It just got to the point where we were like a sideshow attraction getting in and out of the golf. It was so ridiculous how we jammed everything into that tiny little car. Im sure there were many amused spectators every time we went to Costco. When it comes down to it - 

kids + van = makes sense

So, we are THOSE people now. So far we have loved it - I mean, remote control sliding doors. Those are the 4 little words every mother wants to hear. Mid-January I decided to challenge myself physically. I started the 30 day shred - doing it with Breanne on Skype every morning. I really surprised myself by doing 27 of the 30 days. I felt great doing it and proved to myself that I CAN work out at home. (before, home workouts consisted of doing the warm up to said workout then calling it good and sitting down on the couch) Plus, it was fun to "hang out" with Breanne every morning. The end of January we did a last minute trip to Idaho to surprise Breanne for her birthday. It was a fun trip, and they had no idea what was going on when Ruby was standing knocking at their door. I really miss having them so close. 

February - the month of my birth. 
It was a busy February and it flew by so fast. We all took turns getting a nasty cold and, lucky for me - I still am hanging onto it. My birthday was perfect. It was just a relaxed day, the kids were fun, I got lots of love from family and friends. Ster made plans to take me to dinner in Lethbridge. I made swiss meringue buttercream for my coconut birthday cake (yes, it was as delicious as it sounds). When we went to pick up my mom for dinner the drapes were drawn and I saw what looked like streamers... I looked at Sterling, and slowly made my way inside. I noticed a car seat as we walked in and suddenly tons of people jumped out at me! I was legitimately surprised! All of our closest friends and some family were there and I had no idea beforehand! This is a big deal because I usually always figure things out. I handled it in the best possible way by crying of course.. I know, I know. Lame sauce, hence why I probably like to know about surprises beforehand. Sterling did such a great job and that was definitely the highlight of my day. (Thanks babe :)) I feel so blessed to have such awesome people in my life. The next day I treated myself by buying a huuuge haul of candy. HUGE. (so much for 30 day shredding. I can just hear Jillian Michaels in my head saying "I know 400lb people who can do jumping jacks - so can you!!" It haunts me in my sleep) I've surprisingly been able to keep it hidden from my kids. Its a birthday miracle. February was just great. 

I feel like this year has been good to us so far. We are blessed with so much. As far as personal goals and progress this year I feel I am falling behind in some areas (cough, this blog... cough). I feel like I really need to step it up and keep setting goals and stretching myself. I always feel better when I am actually trying at life.  So here's to trying!!   

(Yes, sorry, another lame post without pictures. I'll work on it)

a new year

January 16, 2014

Well, I'm still alive.
I got lazy - and I guess I just needed a break from blogging 
(not that it was out-of-control insane or anything) 
Sometimes I just lose interest, or think I have nothing worthwhile or noteworthy to blog about. 
But I'm here. 

This new year has been a good one thus far. I feel refreshed and recharged and feel like there are some good things in store for me this year - and no - that does not mean that I am pregnant. I'm not one to make a ton of new resolutions January 1st. I'm weird like that I guess. I like to just examine my year and make necessary tweaks. It seems a lot more manageable that way. 

This year a lot of my "tweaks" are geared towards self improvement.
 I want to do more things for myself. 
To work on trying new things, learning new hobbies, having adventures, cooking more delicious food, and growing personally. I want to be more present in my daily life with the littles, and I would like to unplug more and just enjoy the little things. My main focus this year is this..

Heres to a great new year!

friday faves

October 4, 2013

well, with winter soon approaching I decided to round up some of my favourite coats. I'm sort of dreading this winter - I have a feeling its going to be long and very very cold. All the more reason to stay home, cuddle up, and drink lots of caramel apple cider, right?

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picking up steam

October 2, 2013

I had such good intentions this week for blogging, but sometimes life just gets busy. It seems like my life is constantly picking up steam, getting busier. It feels a little crazy sometimes, especially since I am such a homebody and love being at home with my kids with no plans. (Sometimes I am such a hermit.) But most days even the littlest thing written on my calendar gives me anxiety. I try and think of every excuse to not do something (especially get dressed to be seen in public), but sooner or later things have to get done (and the stretchy pants must come off). I hate the feeling that I HAVE to do something. Ruby has started gymnastics this fall and it honestly feels like it makes my week out of control craycray. (lets pause to reflect here for a moment - gymnastics is only once a week.. on wednesday... for 45 minutes..) I guess its just a weird adjustment for me to see that my babies are growing up and starting new adventures. Its a little sad because I don't want this phase to end (and I don't want to share my kids?), but also so exciting to see them trying and enjoying new things. It just makes your heart ache a bit to know that time does go by so quickly - and it reminds you that every single second is precious. Motherhood is such a funny thing. It pushes, pulls, bends and twists you, takes you way beyond your comfort zone, and helps you to grow and love like you couldn't ever imagine. Its quite the refining process

Side note: Ruby is the cutest thing to watch in gymnastics. She gets SO excited when I take her, and she absolutely loves her coach, Coach Tara. She follows her around like a little puppy and asks about her throughout the week. As far as some of the moves go, I think she takes after her mother. (if you haven't seen it, watch the video I posted on Facebook and Instagram of her trying to roll. SO funny!) But she tries so hard and is so eager to show everyone her moves around the house. Sure love her. Our little gymnast!

^my sweet little bee^

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