picking up steam

October 2, 2013

I had such good intentions this week for blogging, but sometimes life just gets busy. It seems like my life is constantly picking up steam, getting busier. It feels a little crazy sometimes, especially since I am such a homebody and love being at home with my kids with no plans. (Sometimes I am such a hermit.) But most days even the littlest thing written on my calendar gives me anxiety. I try and think of every excuse to not do something (especially get dressed to be seen in public), but sooner or later things have to get done (and the stretchy pants must come off). I hate the feeling that I HAVE to do something. Ruby has started gymnastics this fall and it honestly feels like it makes my week out of control craycray. (lets pause to reflect here for a moment - gymnastics is only once a week.. on wednesday... for 45 minutes..) I guess its just a weird adjustment for me to see that my babies are growing up and starting new adventures. Its a little sad because I don't want this phase to end (and I don't want to share my kids?), but also so exciting to see them trying and enjoying new things. It just makes your heart ache a bit to know that time does go by so quickly - and it reminds you that every single second is precious. Motherhood is such a funny thing. It pushes, pulls, bends and twists you, takes you way beyond your comfort zone, and helps you to grow and love like you couldn't ever imagine. Its quite the refining process

Side note: Ruby is the cutest thing to watch in gymnastics. She gets SO excited when I take her, and she absolutely loves her coach, Coach Tara. She follows her around like a little puppy and asks about her throughout the week. As far as some of the moves go, I think she takes after her mother. (if you haven't seen it, watch the video I posted on Facebook and Instagram of her trying to roll. SO funny!) But she tries so hard and is so eager to show everyone her moves around the house. Sure love her. Our little gymnast!

^my sweet little bee^


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