hard days

August 15, 2013

Today was a hard day.
Nothing about the day went smoothly and the kids were just awnry, and screamy and clingy. I didn't get anything done that I needed to and the house was just a mess. I hate these kind of days. Ames has been cutting teeth so when he wasn't sleeping or drinking his "baabaa" he was SCREAMING his little lungs out (He is the WORST teether). And Ruby was just sassy and grumpy (Not like herself). By 3 o'clock I was just trying to hold tears back because I was soooo spent. Then, right when I thought I had hit my breaking point I look over at Ruby and see her throw up ALL OVER the couch. My poor little girl. I hate it when my kids are sick. So I grabbed her, put her in the shower, in the meantime Ames is screaming extra loud at me because I left the room without him (heaven forbid). I was trying so hard to not run in my room, lock the door and have a good cry. I called Sterling at work to see if there was a chance that he could get off work early and come help me (wishful thinking, right?) Nope. Another two hours. So I fixed Ruby up, made her a special sick bed and turned on Netflix hoping that would give me a little break. While Ruby was vegging out, I was trying to clean the couch. Ames really stepped up his spaz game. I tried all of the usual things and nothing was working. (I even gave the kid an Oreo - A birthday cake Oreo!! and he refused it and kept screaming) My last resort was a baabaa. So I made one, and he threw it and it hit my toe juuust right (you know, the worst pain ever?) I lost it. I put him in his crib and went and cried my eyes out. The rest of the day was the same - nothing miraculously made Ruby better, or Ames stop screaming, or the house to be clean. But thats okay. Some days are just tough, especially when you are trying so hard. If I wasn't trying I'm sure the day would have been a lot more relaxed and less stressful. But the point is that I was trying and that I do care. I think thats something to be proud of, even if nothing else in the day turned out.


  1. Ok first of all, I love reading your blog! I recently stumbled across it while totally creeping your FB lol. Julie you are so adorable and seem to find the good and funny in everything. Im sorry that it was a hard day! Those days are NEVER fun. But you have two ADORABLE little kidlets who love and adore you, even tho they don't show it sometimes haha.

  2. Thanks Brittany!! I love it when you blog too! Live closer so we can hang out, k?

  3. Sooo sooo glad I'm not the only one with moments like this! Mothering is so hard and exhausting!

    And love your blog!


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