August 21, 2013

Well, basically I am just blogging to avoid changing one wicked rank stinky diaper (awesome mom award, here, please!)

Its been a really busy week thus far! We may have potential renters (fingers crossed) that want to move into our basement by the 28th!! YESS! But also super stress crunch time. If you've seen our basement recently you'll understand the panic. Luckily, Sterling booked off some days at work and we have been working on it like MAD. We've got the drywall finished, painting done, bathroom grouted, kitchen cabinets painted and in, floors installed, and carpet coming monday. There are still a million and one things to be done but I think if we work hard at it we can get it finished in time. I don't have any recent pictures of it - but you are in for a special treat - I have a few pre-reno pictures!

^going down the stairs *warning, its a mess*^

^the before living room.. when we bought the house there were chairs lining the whole room and that bed was in the middle of the room.. suuuper weird, and there was a label sticker on the bed frame that said "eddy baby" sooo yeah....^

^the kitchen. If you look closely the hole in the wall above the sink - that hole was stuffed with kleenex...^

^this is what we lovingly called "Auschwitz". The shower was soooo creepy - and yes, thats outdoor corrugated roofing for the divider.^

^I dont have a picture of the bedroom, but this was the bedrooms closet - closet. Just really awkward.^

Its fun to look back at these pictures and see how much progress we have made! Things really have changed lots and are looking good. I will do an updated basement post when we've got things together. *SPOILER ALERT* The walls aren't all pink anymore - and the shower door has sadly been updated! Stay tuned!!


  1. i cant wait to see what it looks like when its all done. you guys should just rent out your whole house and then move to kamloops... mmmmkk! also, i really think you made a huge mistake remolding Auschwitz... that that style is really hard to come by now days!


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