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July 28, 2013


Our sunday was a gong show. We try so hard sunday mornings to look put together and get to church on time.. but by the time church starts the hurricane begins. Screaming, crying, biting, bonking heads, random outbursts, runaways, and a lot of sighs and gasps from Ster and I - and thats only 10 minutes into our 3 hour stretch. I hope that people can look at us and just laugh at how ridiculous and hectic our life is instead of cursing us under their breath. Needless to say we haven't been getting much out of church these days. But at least we attempt it, right? Thats gotta count for something. The rest of our day made up for the mornings gong-show. I got to have a nap (YAY!!) while Ster took miss Ruby for an adventure walk and Ames napped (for 4 HOURS!!) Its so refreshing to have silence sometimes. The house was soon filled with a little tiny screechy voice again telling me all about the twisty sticks that she found, and the scrape on her knee that she got from tripping, and how daddy put medicine on it and made it almost all better (mommy kisses are magical and heal everything instantly, you know). Then I got plenty of shirtless boy snuggles from Ames. He is such a sweetie after he wakes up and his lips seem to be extra big and pouty, which make him even more irresistible. We headed to my parents for dinner and Sterling made dark cherry cobbler. It was delicious (good job babe!) When we got home we found a plate of cookies on our doorstep! We were so excited - we hardly ever get surprises like that. We really do have the coolest friends.. and needless to say the cookies were perfect (peanut butter chocolate chip - how do you go wrong?!) Then my lovely friend Kyla came over and brought me these beautiful flowers. I love visiting with her! I feel really blessed to have such great friends that are so genuine, thoughtful, and kind hearted - but who are also SO hilarious and so fun to be around!

^the Evanson's are our married couple soulmates (?? just go with it..)^

^my favorite^


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