raspberry finger hats

July 18, 2013

Today was a great day.
Lets face it - I always know its going to be a good day when I have a bra on before 8 am.

The day started with Ruby sneaking in to our room oh-so-quietly and whispering to us that she was indeed up and that the sun was awake too. Heart; melted. The kids ate their breakfast without meltdowns or force feeding, and then hugs and kisses for daddy and he was off to work. I made it a point to not check my phone or computer and to just play with the kids until Ames went down for his nap. Once he was down Ruby and I decided to have a mini-date and go work in the garden. She is a sucker for dirt and water. We made our rounds in the garden looking for weeds and watering plants, then she made sure that her little "garden" of weeds were well maintained. The garden is pretty pitiful this year from the crazy hail that we got - not much was left but we are trying our darndest to salvage what we can. Luckily our raspberries were sheltered by the fence and we still have oodles of them. So we spent the morning looking for the nicest, darkest, juiciest raspberries we could find. It was the cutest thing to watch her examine each one, making sure it was just the right shade or red before she plucked it off and promptly put it in her mouth. After getting our bowlful we sat together on the porch swing and stuffed our faces. Then like any good mother would - I taught her how to do raspberry finger hats. She of course loved it and I just sat back and soaked up every adorable second of it. 

The rest of the day went just as great, and I felt like I was very present in my own, and my children's lives. Its funny how we can get so distracted from that sometimes. That other things can suck our attention away so easily. But today, today I felt like I was a step closer to that person that I'm trying to be more like.


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