July 24, 2013

^so beautiful!^

nothing sounds more perfect then going to waterton for the day with family. My brother and his family are up visiting from Phoenix so we are trying to cram as much adventure as we can into this week before they jet off. The day started off well enough - the kids were excited to be reunited - the shenanigans could commence. We loaded into my moms car and took off to Waterton. The first portion of the trip went fine - (my kids are pretty chill travellers, thankfully) but for some reason the moment that we hit Cardston all hell broke loose with Ames. Literally - ALL HELL. The trek from Cardston to Waterton has NEVER seemed longer than it did that day. And we aren't talking "wa wa" cries.. we are talking full out, high-pitched screeching at the top of your lungs, scream till your throat explodes, smash your head against a wall, jump out of a moving vehicle - cries. So being the #1 mom that I am I pulled over and snuggled my little guy till he calmed down I just cranked up the annoying kids music in attempts to drown out the shrilling sound. Probably not the greatest solution but I figured once we got there and got out of the car he would settle down and be the adorable boy that he usually is. (WRONG) The ear-piercing wailing continued consistently throughout most of the day, although there were a few (very few) hallowed moments of silence. But despite the ear assault from Ames it was the.perfect.day. in Waterton. No wind, gorgeous weather, and fun company. Also we ate Wieners of Waterton, (which never disappoints) skipped rocks on the lake, walked up Red Rock Canyon, saw 2 bears, played at the spray park, and visited the buffalo. Oh, and someone brought Coconut Marshmallows.. lets just pretend I only ate 2, okay? All in all - pretty good day.

^sweet haze^

^^this is what most of the day looked like with Ames..^^

^then we found his happy spot.. rocks^

^bear-crawling like a boss^

^Ruby in deep reflection^


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